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Some of these photographs appear in Candice Brearley Vignette
cleopatra large.jpg

Mid-century, Trenton had its high society as well... In the 1960's and 1970's, Purvis Brearley and Candice Szalay Brearley, both graduates of Trenton Central High School, were among the luminaries. Here's one newspaper photograph, with the caption reading, "A Halloween party isn't complete without Cleopatra and Julius Caesar. So to make the party a complete success, Mr. and Mrs. Purvis Brearley attended as the famous romantic couple." Their costumes won the prize!

In the biography of Candice Brearley (aka Candy Szalay), which takes place largely in Trenton. Mentioned are Hiltonia, Cadwalader Park, David Brearley (signer of the U.S. Constitution), the well known photographer William Carlton Roof, Mary Roebling, writer and art critic Hazel Herman among others. 

Candy on Elephant 001.jpg

With her husband of 30 years, Purvis Brearley, on one of many trips, Candy visited Bangkok, went to the Klong region, and rode an elephant wearing jeans, but also wearing high heels, because she didn't know that she would be riding an elephant that day. She rode around a marketplace and felt the great swaying from side to side as the elephant walked. When she went to dismount, she needed assistance. Up stepped the smallest of Thai men to be her knight in shining armor. Apparently, this man of Bangkok could not handle her weight, because she fell right on top of him and they became seriously entangled! Everyone around laughed and cameras clicked.  Of course, I think the actions of this drama were all deliberate, motivated by the siren call of our goddess. After all, what knight of Bangkok would not want Candy on top!  (Candy believes that this action was not staged, but I like my version better!)

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