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For the ancient Greeks, the 9 Muses were goddesses who served as the inspiration for all art, science, literature, in short, every form of creativity. 


Sometimes the Muses were considered to be primordial, that is, existing from the beginning of time; sometimes they were thought of as the children of Zeus and Mnemosyne (memory personified). 


Candy fits the bill, especially the Muse of lyric and love poetry, Erato, who inspired the fine arts. Simply read some of my love poetry and you'll get my drift!

Candice Brearley Vignette: Dedication

page 30 corrected_edited.jpg

Candy circa 1972

Photograph by 

Williams Carlton Roof

All inspiration for this brief work came from my personal Muse, whom I believe is a primeval goddess visiting terra firma in human garb. Several hundred acrostic love poems, reading Candy, Candice, Candice Brearley or Candice Szalay Brearley, have been insufficient to celebrate my love, so this love book has been written in an attempt at proper worship.

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